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Electric Man 2

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electricman2Oh I adore playing fighting games. They get me laugh until I fall off my seat or make me really mad playing them. Well, from the laboratory of Damien Clarke we've futuristic and a pleasant-looking flash game called Electric Man 2 Unblocked. Although it sounds silly, but check out only some of these characteristics: saveoption, excellent soundtrack, futuristic images, smooth controls and excellent game progress.

It'd nothing but lots of text and the primary menu did’t impress me much and just had one, really nasty, colour to reveal. Which is why I enjoyed this game right from the start.Simple, yet powerful effects sounds and visuals, make me love this game. The cartoon are truly amazing, if you know the best way to play, there are not any slowdowns whatsoever, that's. I said that? Because, for example: it shoots him in the opposite way and when you deliver a particular move at your competition, your stick man will appear in exactly the same way as before that can be somewhat tricky if you've got another enemy behind your back. This was constantly annoying me once I began playing with that. But everything looks just good. The Electric Man 2 unblocked is a game that never gets boring.

Another matter which I enjoyed is that your stickman responds distinct in different scenarios. For instance, if you run toward enemy, it'll do a move that is different than it'd do if it stayed in place, like kicking or slipping in the air. That’s simply amazing! Oh, and did I say you could pick colour, and that your stick man glows? Have fun with the unblocked Electric Man 2.